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2K Dental in Parma, Cleveland, and Akron, Ohio offer the following services:


Teeth Cleanings

The best way to maintain a bright and healthy smile is to have professional teeth cleanings twice each year. The experienced team offers comprehensive dental care including preventive dental cleanings that help you avoid oral health problems. Schedule an appointment today by calling the office nearest you.

What are professional dental cleanings?

You may think you don’t need to visit the dentist for dental cleanings if you brush and floss your teeth twice each day. But professional dental cleanings are the only way to remove built-up plaque, a sticky substance that leads to tooth decay and gum disease.

Dental cleanings are generally performed during your dental exam, making it an essential part of your preventive oral health care.

What should I expect during dental cleaning appointments?

Your dental specialist removes plaque, tartar, and debris from your teeth and around your gums. Plaque and tartar trap bacteria under gums and against your teeth, increasing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Once your teeth have a buildup of plaque or tartar, it can only be removed by your dentist.

After your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, your dentist may apply a fluoride treatment to help protect against decay. Your provider spends time educating you on proper tooth brushing and flossing procedures, how to adjust your diet to reduce your risk of cavities, and may suggest products to help maintain optimal oral health.

The exam portion of your visit consists of an evaluation of your gums, cheeks, and bite to determine if there are oral health concerns in need of treatment. Dental X-rays are used to look at possible conditions below the gum line. If you need dental restorations, your dentist reviews all treatment options with you. 

Small dental restorations can sometimes be completed immediately, when the schedule allows. Follow-up appointments are scheduled for any major restorations.

How often should I schedule dental cleanings?

In the past, dentists recommended a professional dental cleaning once per year. Today, The American Dental Association and 2K Dental recommend twice annual cleanings and exams. Use the online booking tool or call the practice of your choice to schedule an appointment once every six months. 

If you have poor dental hygiene or other oral health concerns, your dentist may recommend a more frequent cleaning and exam schedule to help prevent problems. 


To schedule your preventive dental cleaning and exam, call 2K Dental today to book an appointment.



More than 40 million Americans wear dentures. If you’re missing some or all of your permanent teeth, these durable and affordable restorations can transform your smile, making it easier to bite, chew, and speak. At 2K Dental, with two convenient locations in Parma, Cleveland, and Akron, Ohio, the team offers both partial and complete dentures to adult patients. To schedule an appointment today, call the nearest office to book a consultation.

What are dentures?

Dentures, or false teeth, are custom-crafted oral prosthetics used to replace one, several, or all of your permanent teeth. They fit snugly over your gums and restore your smile to a healthy, vibrant condition.

In addition to their cosmetic benefits, dentures prevent more serious oral health problems such as gum recession and bone deterioration. Dentures are easy to clean and care for, and you can remove them at any time.

What are the different types of dentures?

The 2K Dental team offers several types of dentures, including:

Partial dentures

If you’re missing only some of your permanent teeth, you might benefit from partial dentures. Partial dentures feature one or several false teeth that sit on top of a metal framework. The metal framework snaps into place around your existing teeth.

Complete dentures

If you’re missing all of your permanent teeth on your upper or lower arch, you might benefit from complete dentures. Complete dentures feature a metal base plate, pink acrylic gums, and a full row of false teeth. You can use denture adhesives or glues to hold them in place.

Implant-supported dentures

If you’re missing all of your teeth and want a more permanent solution, consider implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures snap onto dental implants ––– small metal posts that your dentist surgically places in your gum line. Implant-supported dentures are incredibly tough and don’t slip or slide around when you eat or speak.

What is the process of getting dentures?

Getting partial or complete dentures typically takes two separate appointments. 

At your first appointment, your provider conducts an oral exam and takes impressions of your gums and remaining teeth. He sends the impressions to a dental laboratory that manufactures a custom set of partial or complete dentures.

A week or two later, you return to 2K Dental to try your new dentures on. Your dentist explains how to wear them properly and teaches you how to clean and care for them.

Implant-supported dentures require three separate appointments and in-office surgery.

During your operation, four posts are placed into your upper and lower jaws. Afterward, you return home for 3-4 months while your mouth heals. Your bone grows around each implant, fusing them to your jaw.

After your mouth heals, you return to 2K Dental for impressions of your gums and implants. Your dentist sends the impressions to a laboratory that manufactures your customized set of implant-supported dentures.

A week or two later, you return to the office and your 2K Dental provider snaps your implant-supported dentures in place. You leave the office with a vibrant, healthy smile.


To learn more about the benefits of dentures, schedule an appointment at 2K Dental today. Call the nearest office to book a consultation.


Emergency Dentistry

If you play sports or lead a physically active lifestyle, you’re also more likely to need emergency dentistry. If you lose a permanent tooth, break a restoration, or wake up with a severe toothache, emergency dentistry can relieve pain, prevent further damage, and restore your smile. At 2K Dental, with two convenient locations in Parma, Cleveland, and Akron, Ohio, the team offers same-day emergency dentistry consultations to people of all ages. Schedule an appointment today by calling the nearest office to booking a consultation.

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry provides prompt diagnosis and treatment of tooth and gum problems that require immediate intervention.

If you or a loved one experiences a dental emergency, it’s important for you to call the office right away. Making it to 2K Dental within a few hours of your initial symptoms could mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth or the need for surgery.

What types of issues does emergency dentistry treat?

The 2K Dental team uses emergency dentistry to treat various issues, including:

  • Loose fillings
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • Broken restorations (crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, etc.)
  • Toothaches
  • Oral abscesses
  • Bleeding

They have the knowledge and expertise to address these issues and prevent further damage. If necessary, they can also perform extractions. In some instances, this is the easiest and most effective way to preserve your oral health.

What steps should I take if I lose a permanent tooth?

If you lose a permanent tooth due to an automobile accident, sports injury, or slip-and-fall, it’s important to stay calm and act quickly. First, carefully pick up your tooth by the crown and rinse off any debris using cool tap water. After rinsing your tooth, try to place it back in the socket. If the tooth won’t stay in place, tuck it inside your cheek or place it in a glass of milk.

Next, call 2K Dental. When you speak with a staff member, explain how you lost your tooth. They may be able to provide you with tips to ease pain or limit bleeding on your way over. The practice offers flexible office hours and will try to get you in on the same day.

Is there any way to prevent a dental emergency?

There’s no way to prevent a dental emergency entirely, but there are steps you can take to lower your risk. For example, if you play contact sports, skateboard, or mountain bike, always wear a mouth guard. To avoid toothaches or gum inflammation, practice good oral hygiene.

You should also avoid bad habits like smoking, nail biting, or chewing on ice cubes or popcorn kernels. Minor adjustments like these can preserve your oral health for years to come.

If you or a loved one requires emergency dentistry, schedule an appointment at 2K Dental today. Call the nearest office and speak with a friendly staff member to book a consultation.

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